Memory Lane - Kahler finger locking nut?


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Ok, this one is just a brain fart that is bugging me, but I seem to recall in the 80's, someone - possibly Kahler, made a cam lever locking nut that was finger operated. Google is coming up blank of course, because it isn't being sold on Amazon right this instant, so why would you care about it, but I distinctly recall this one. I'm not sure if it failed on its own merits, or if it was a victim of its association with the Kahler brand which lost the trem wars.

Anyone remember this? Seen one? Have one? I'm curious.
I remember those, and I couldn't figure out why such an idea was not further developed and marketed. Certainly string changes would be quicker without having to whip out an Allen wrench.

Here is someone on TDPRI with a story to tell about that nut.

I've lost my trem tool. A few wraps of gaff tape might fix it if i can find it but I just decided to go with the two thumbscrew kind.

But yeah, a marvelous idea.
Also it seems like something that could be retrofit to the floyd nut. Maybe not the Kahler design but I converted my lathe tailstock from screw to cam lock. Its a similar concept
Hmm it goes behind the nut, it isn't actually a nut. I think I recall this was originally done because of the FR patent, and may be part of why it never really took off like it should have. It also means that it's not a feasible retrofit for a guitar that already has a Floyd Nut. Bummer, it's such a lovely idea.
They may have improved the quality on the current output, but a 'finger' snapped on the one I had bitd - looked like mazak/zamak. I can't recall if that was after a lot of use.