Meet “Pearl”…


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Meet Pearl.
Pearl came to me as a standard “J” style bass.

Before, during, and after.
CF8C544A-CF0F-4CAE-8536-CBCDB2B7C5B6.jpegMy own personal Fender Squier Affinity 5 string bass. After having a chat with it, we agreed that a pickup upgrade to EMG’s were in order, along with a custom pickguard thanks to Tony Dudzik at The control plate and pickguard as separate pieces from the stock arrangement have been combined to make one solid, beautiful pickguard in white pearl. The control arrangement from the standard J bass arrangement of VVT has been replace with a simple master volume and a blend pot. The only real reason I even added the blend pot is to make the control extension not appear empty, but it also adds the ability to reduce or increase how much of each pickup you would like dialed in. This there also as a courtesy in case I loan the bass out to anyone else. I don’t use a tone control on any of my instruments because I make any necessary adjustments on the amp end. I would otherwise be totally satisfied to have any of my basses wire with both pickups to the master volume, straight to the output jack. The stock nut width is 1 7/8". I installed a Tusq XL nut in 1 3/4" and shaved down the sides of the neck, then re-dressed/crowned/polished the fretwork for a much more comfortable playing neck.
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