Mayfly Open Window pedal in hand


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I received this from Mayfly last week and have been having a lot of fun kicking the tires!

Clearly the headroom afforded by the +9V & -9V = 18V charge pump offers a lot of clarity in this pedal. The other overdrive pedal I've tried is the Heather Brown Blessed Mother, that my local shop (rightly) raves about. I have to say I like the Open Window better.

At first playing with the OW, I found I could match the output of my hybrid amp quite easily, it wasn't at all possible to reverse that, the Open Window offers a lot of flavors that I can't touch a 12ax7, I was able to get clarity that sounded actually a little like the Sketchy Zebra in it's manual mode, fuzz, and full-on high-feedback distortion.

The independent bass and treble controls are great, my various amps bring on distortion at different places on the scale, the Milkman / 12ax7 distorts in the bass registers well before I get any breakup on the E & B strings, while my SS Orange Crush is distorting hard in the high registers before anything happens in the bottom end. the EQ is great for dialing in either even profile or, of course getting more effect at either end.

Great pedal!