Sketchy Zebra in hand


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I received my ViRbrato from @mayfly this week and damn if it doesn't perform well.

Now this can only be damnation by faint praise, I haven't used other phaser effect, except for what's built into my Fender Lt25 practice / modelling amp. Compared to that, it's night and day. The Zebra does OK even on the lower string's tones, and the LT phaser setting sounded quite scratchy, also didn't do much of anything on bass notes.

I think the thing I like best on the Zebra so far is the manual mode. I don't foresee using the feedback turned up super high, however it does some amazing things turned all the way CW and the lower half of it's range offers plenty of nuance for me.

Since I already had a scope out for looking at distortion in a couple of amps, I took traces running the phaser and the LT-25 version of a phaser on a clean A440 sine input. I saw pretty much what I expected, broad harmonics all the way up to 12x fundamenal, then tapering off pretty fast. The setting on the Zebra was vibrato speed CCW & phaser feedback at ~25%. FWIW the LT just shows a single broad trapezoid about the fundamental and no harmonics to speak of.

I like this pedal a LOT.


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Thanks for the kind words Sadie!  Glad you like my little baby.

BTW, yours is unique - all the others say 'vibrato'  :)