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I've added one more Rocktron Xpression in the empty slot to match the other one so the rack is full and complete. This rack facilitates my rock Marshall tones all the way to my guitar's Acoustic piezo bridge tones.

Prosonus Acoustic Q Preamp
Shure Guitar Wireless
Power conditioner
Sabine 7000 rack tuner
(2) Rocktron Xpressions
Dunlop DCR-2 Rack Wah
Marshall JMP-1
Marshall EL84 20/20 power amp

Lots of fun.... ;)
I used to play with a guy that had a virtually identical rig, he had some grounding issues, any advice for him?
Actually, 3 rack components are the same as B's but everything else is way different including hookups. In the old days he buzzed more than I did at different locations when we both had different gear.
Just thought I'd try posting a pic to see if I can figure out this new forum.  I was formerly "GibsonSg; but since I sold that axe, I'm using a new handle.

Here's my rig with the SG I sold:


..and here's the new Warmoth LP that replaced the SG:

Some times hum in huge and frankly beautiful looking rigs like this can be cured by physical isolating the chassis of the racks from the rack case.
There used to be this cool little insulator called "humfrees"? they worked a treat but I haven't seen them in a while,they were a plastic snap on insulator.
Or you can go in for 180 degree phase invertion on the earth supply,in england we use a positive negative and earth power conection that doesn't always work else were.

Also the Hz of our main supply is slightly different i.e. 50 v's 60 Hz.

Anyone who has got bored of AC30's over heating in the USA check your rectifier tube...could help...GZ32
Nice Rig Greg.

I"ve been thinking of going all Rack here pretty quick. Im sick of the tap dancing and my amp uses a midi interface for the footswitching.  Which means my 5 bank/6 button footswitch is a midi controller, awesome. time to go rackmount.

You've got the same setup I want. lol except I've already got the guitar amp, its not a rack but oh well.  I wanted to get one of those Ampeg SVT III rackmount amps in there for bass. and I was going for a Korg tuner and a pair of Boss GT-Pro effects processors.. and the exact same wah that you've got.  But information on good Wireless systems seems to be scarce.  I was thinking either Shure, Senheisser, or Nady. but I can't find any that are Rackmountable.  Theyr'e all just normal stand alone units.

To round it off my new Warmoth should be the perfect match.

BTW.  Have you seen my Korina Dragon burst kicking around the shop anywhere? I'm itching my friggen face off waiting for it, it's been about 10 - 11 weeks and I check my email every day waiting for the shipping notice.  I've never watched my bank account hoping the money would disappear before..

If you happen to see it lemme know how its coming along!  I've go the Grovers sitting here waiting for a home.
My Shure wireless sounds pretty good and doesn't take up much space. But yes, it is hard to find an official rack mount version.

Email me your Warmoth order number at Warmoth (gregg@) and I'll see if your order is around anywhere close.
I've always found that I've got some signal compression with all trans systems....well except with  EMG pick ups    maybe becease they are low impedance.....buffering?
Oppions please?
That's what's kind of neat about the Shure PGX systems. It has a circuit in it that only ads compression when needed. That way it's not compressed all of the time like all the other units I've seen/used. Seems to work pretty good and sounds pretty natural.