Marshall Plexi


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So, here's my current rig. 

AMP:  1969 Marshall JMP50 Plexi, model 1987 lead w/ THD Hotplate
CAB:  Vibroworld custom tall 4x12.  Same basic specs as a Marshall "tall vintage"
SPEAKERS:  Pre-Rola Celestions (a pair of G12H30's + a pair of G12M25's)
EFFECTS BOARD:  Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2, Geoffrey Teece Wizard Wah, Foxrox Electronics Octron, Peterson Strobostomp tuner, original Marshall Guv'nor overdrive, MXR Dynacomp (through the Guv'nor effects loop), Crowther Audio Hotcake overdrive. Everything's wired up with George L's.  Still wanting to add some time/modulation effects, someday.

GUITARS:  Warmoth Les Paul:

NECK:  Warmoth Pro Construction 25-1/2" scale compound radius neck with 1-11/16" width at the Corian nut.  Frets are 6105.  Pearloid block inlays and neck binding.  Unfinished indian rosewood with a macassar ebony fretboard.

BODY:  Carved-top Les Paul with mahogany back and maple top with natural lip over binding.  Dunlop strap locks.
TUNERS:  Sperzel lockers
BRIDGE:  TonePros TPFP/T1Z setup
ELECTRONICS:  Upgrade kit from RS Guitarworks that includes Hovland tone caps (.015/.022), and RS/CTS 500K smooth taper super pots
PICKUPS:  HighOrder custom-wound:  NECK:  7.8K A-3, symmetrical wind, and BRIDGE:  8.3K A-2, asymmetrical wind
PICKGUARD:  Machine-turned aluminum from Sharp Concepts
KNOBS:  Chrome-knurled knobs with ebony caps from Q-Parts

The other guitar is a Hamer USA Daytona swamp ash Strat w/ maple neck.  It's got Sperzel lockers, Wilk trem bridge, and Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot single coils.


Here's a closer shot of the Warmoth:

It took me years of trying different amps before I finally stumbled across this one.  The quest for "my tone" has been a long search.  Before this plexi, I had a 1978 Marshall 2103 100 watt 2x12 combo.  Once I moved away from the master volume amps, I finally found what I was looking for.  Now, if I could only get a decent overdrive sound from my Strat, I'll be happy.  The Lindy Fralin pickups sound really sweet clean to mildly overdriven; but when I push them hard, they are a little sterile.  I'm hoping I can solve that with a pedal, rather than switching out the pickups yet again.  I've been considering an Analogman-modified Boss DS-1 for the Strat.  The Hotcake and the Guv'nor do the job for everything else with the Humbuckers on my Warmoth Paul.

It never seems to end!

You'd really be envious of some of the vintage Marshall collections over on the Plexi Palace BB.  I just drewl over some of that stuff.  We're talking more Plexi's, Hiwatts, AC-30's, and so on than you could ever imagine.
I joined the plexi palace a while back but I don't think I've posted much over there. I think I posted in a couple threads about Mojave amps but that is about it.
That Marshall is a beauty!!

For the plexi sound, I reach for the Germino Lead 55.  If you find a great sounding Plexi from Marshall... it's definitely a keeper, but I have never been so lucky... well at least finding one that didn't need tweaking.  When I found Germino, I got a great Plexi sound right out of the box.
Great, I am getting a Marshall Plexi lead clone from and I hope it sounds good. I will have to find a headshell for it too...