Mandocello Bridge?


So, I'm thinking about building a mandocello.  (Kind of a big oversized mandolin--as a mandolin is to a violin a mandocello is to a cello.)  Ideally, I'd like to make it a hollowbody, and blend piezo and magnetic pickups.

My big question is where do I get a bridge that will work?  More or less guitar sized, but for 8 strings (4 paired courses.)

Any ideas?
The best tailpieces are the Weber and the Allen cast units.

You can find bridges at StewMac, Weber, and Gryphon.  Be aware that any archtop bridge you'll get needs to be refit for a flat top (if thats what you're doing).

You might talk to Wendler about his mag-pi system.  Dave is pretty good with doing up bodies that are carved from front and back, and blend magnetic and piezo.  Amazingly, his guitars SOUND like big box jazz guitars - but are completely solid.  He's a good guy too.