Luthier/Guitar Tech services offered NE Wisconsin


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Guitar Tech/Luthier in Northeast Wisconsin.

I am the Guitar tech at Henri's Music in Green Bay, WI.

I am a Roberto-Venn Grad, can do builds from the ground up, but prefer repair work and Warmoth type assemblies.
We love seeing pictures of assembled builds you've done :)
It also shows you know how to do stuff, in case anybody here needs some assembling help.
so, you put a different neck on one of those hello kitty strats?  Any other mods?

Any other guitars?
Well the Hello Kitty guitar got a Dimarzio X2N with 1 meg pot, schaller locking tuners, graphtech saddles, and custom engraved neck plate.  When i have time, i will put up some pictures of the Tele and San Dimas Strat that I assembled.
Here is my Shredder Tele Esquire that i assembled.  Yes, it is pink, well actually lavender, but it does have a Dimarzio Super Distortion Tele pickup in it. 
I may be getting a custom Warmoth this summer. Do you still do assemblies, if so how much will it cost to completely assemble a 7 string Warmoth?