LP arrived and complete! (YAFT)


Hi all, been enjoying looking at all the out of the boxes and completions here.
So after all the lurking  I am very happy to show my own project now completed after the neck arrived last week  :hello2:

This is a showcase body mahogany with quilt maple top and a mahogany/ebony neck. The pickups are the SD Jeff Beck and Jazz combo. Anyone else have the idea that the JB kinda chokes a little on heavy open power chords?  The neck pickup sounds great though. I love how the neck plays, exactly what I was hoping for

One problem though, the strings detune very fast. I assumed that PW tuners would be very solid, any general tips on how to prevent this? I especially have a problem with the g-string detuning.



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Sounds to me like your string nut needs a little work.  Tuners don't slip when strung properly, even cheap ones.  BTW, that is an absolutely GORGEOUS guitar.  I love green guitars (minority here), and that dyed, flamed maple top is awesome on that LP.  One day I'm gonna have to build me one of them there puppies!

Stringing properly is a good thing - you want MINIMAL wraps on the post.  If strung up properly, even less than one wrap (on wound strings) will hold just fine.  I go two wraps or so on plain strings.

www.frets.com has a section on how to string up properly.  Go there, follow the advice.

The nut may have a problem... but Warmoth nuts are cut wide enough, so I doubt it, unless you're using REALLY heavy strings (11's or 12's).

STRETCH in the string.  PULL IT UP at fret 12... a good few inches or so, that will seat things in - you might find thats all it needs.

Tuners do not slip.  Strings slip.
Nice LP dude! green is cool, I have a green tele.

I see you have a MM bass, whats the other stuff you got? a bouzouki and something else.

Awesome guitar dude, green is killer.

If your strings are getting bound up in the nut try using some Big Bends Nut Sauce :headbang:
I love that color. I never imagined the gold would pop so well with a body of such insane, awesome color. Enjoy that axe man!  :hello2:
Cheers guys! Green and gold do go well together, wasn't sure myself if it would work, but it turned out nice.
Tuners shouldn't slip and I don't think these do, so it must be the string. I do not have any wraps at all on all the strings, should I maybe give one or two on the plain ones (I thought less was better, the PW are ideal for that)? I don't want to touch the nut, it 'looks' perfect.

The MM belongs to the missus,  I am the warwick man, just to the left of the MM (I am actually a bass player, but I wanted a decent guitar for recording). The instrument on the left is the Turkish saz, look for a soundbite on the net and you will immediately recognize the sound.

- Daniel
I love that color scheme.  If I ever do another project, I may try something like that.

I don't like Duncan JB pickups much at all.  They're really popular but I find they don't effectively push my amp into a nice tight crunch.  It seems it doesn't push the right anound of highs or mids or maybe the peak isn't sharp enough, I don't know.  I find Dimarzios are better at driving the sound I want, which is tight and controlled without being buzzy or too saturated.  I've actually tried the Duncan JBs twice and swapped them out both times. 
Not usually a fan of green, but it works on this build!  Sweet matching headstock too! :headbang1: