Looking for good paint source in N. Virginia and/or advice on model lacquer


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Howdy folks,

I bought a body with the intent of making a low priced, but decent rock guitar.  So, I want it to look pretty good without sinking big bucks into it.  I have other guitars (and one in the works) that are/going to be my fancier guitars.

My intent is to paint my guitar olive drab and stencil in some items to give it some appearance of an M4 Sherman (circa Northern Europe spring 1945).  It is a small tribute to my personal and family roots with armor.

In hindsight, I was dumb to think it would be easy to find a decent olive drab lacquer in aerosol anymore.

So, I am leaning towards getting an olive drab and flat white lacquer mixed to use with a Preval system.  However, I'm new to the Washington, D.C. area and I need some suggestions on locations where people have been able to get some lacquer paint mixed to their satisfaction.  I've tried a few car places, but they seem to balk at much in custom colors.  Also, feel free to suggest any other reasonably priced location that would ship to Northern Virginia for that matter which would get me what I want.

Additionally, if that road does not work, has anyone had any experience with model lacquers?  I saw that Tamiya had aerosol lacquers in a number of options for military type colors (who knew?).  They are slightly higher than I would like to go, but may end up being the best option.  However, I'm a bit concerned about using modeling paint on a guitar.  If I did use it, would I still be OK with applying Deft Semi-Gloss as a final finish?

I know Krylon sucks, and Duplicolor doesn't appear to have a lacquer color that would fit what I'm looking for.  So, I need some help. :help:

This is my first attempt at doing a solid finish; so, I appologize if I raise any stupid questions.


Hey MUguy1998,

I'm a bit north of you in Maryland.

Regarding premixed custom colors: 
There is a Wurth Wood Group location in Elkridge, MD.
There is another place in Baltimore called Budeke's, only the store in Baltimore has lacquer though.
Both will do custom colors in just about anything.

One caveat...they sell by the gallon.  While not being too expensive, a gallon is way more than you'll probably need for a guitar body.

Get clear lacquer and add pigment to make your own shade.  Another nice plus of this is that you'll have clearcoat left to go over the basecoat.
Check it:

I imagine you could blend the color you are looking for using a combination of these shades.
Just make sure that everything is very, very well mixed, especially when mixing different colored pigments.
You may need to thin it down a bit, but totally doable with a PreVal.

Good luck,