laquer over minwax oil stain?


Can I put laquer over minwax oil stain?  What about grain filler and the stain?

I have a swampash body coming soon and I want to go with a dark reddish stain to get a wine like color.  And I want to use stain so the grain is a darker red. 

My plan:

1.  prestain treatment for more uniform absorption.
2.  stain to desired color then give it a day to dry
3.  two coats of sanding sealer
4.  water based grain filler
5.  six or more coats of laquer.

Does this look reasonable?  suggestions or tips?

No problem with lacquer over MinWax stain, but you need to change the sequence of your grain filler/sanding sealer...

If using clear grain filler, stain, then grain fill, then sanding sealer, then lacquer.

If using colored grain filler, fill, then stainm then sanding sealer, then lacquer.
First of all.... the MinWax Prestain is for WATER based stains, not oil.

Second... you have to really really really let the oil dry before lacquering.  Failure to do so - and I mean like a good 10 days - could result in the lacquer having issues with lifting and or crazing, and or just not working right.

As Jack suggested, do the grain fill first with either clear or colored filler.

You might want to try an alcohol or acetone based stain instead... just a thought.  The water based stains should be avoided, as you're going to get a lot of raised wood... sort of defeats the whole purpose of grain filling.  For that, think three to four applications of filler scraped in REALLY thin.  You can slobber it on too, but be prepared to sand yer ass off to get back to wood.  Scraping it into the grain seems to be the ticket!

For swamp ash especially... filling is a must - before staining - as you're going to do a lof of sanding.  A whole lot.

StewMac has some red colors.  Mohawk has a ton more (psss same as StewMac). 

Yeah, the MinWax oil based stains I've use can take more than a couple of days to completely dry if it's humid, and you don't want to apply anything on top till completely dry...
I was going to use this pre-stain conditioner which is for oil based stains.

Then follow with this stain in a reddish color.

I still think you'd be better with an alcohol or acetone based stain, but... I see the prestain is available for oil now too.