Korina/Koa L5S Thank you Santa!


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Literally out of the box this morning. Black korina back and a great looking koa top. I tried the hardware on for size as well as the neck. (note the regular switchcraft toggle switches are too long. So if you're building a flat top hollow body use a box type or a sideways switchcraft) This is my first body with binding so here goes nuthin' See y'all in DIY  (  probably under... :help: )  :icon_biggrin:


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Wow, that's a showstopper! Congrats on you early Christmas.
WOW is right!  I'm usually not a fan of gold hardware, but once again, your impeccable taste has found a winner!  
there is a shorty switchcraft that G uses, these can be had on the 'bay for about $12-14
Very very nice, and the correct orientation too. Is that one a keeper?
I'm thinking a clear gloss would look spectacular - what do you have planned?
- Lets see the back.
m4rk0 said:
I love it!!

What kind of neck will you put on it?

It's already there.  Bubinga/bubinga boatneck. 6130 wire, abalone dots, graphite nut and Variax headstock.
Here ya go ibob..Yup this one's a keeper for sure. I'm going to do it the same as the Korinakaster i.e. sand/sealer. brownstained grainfill then tung oil in thinned applications. The back is quite plain which is just what I wanted. The sides have some nice little swirls just to make it interesting but not enough to overpower the top.


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That is stunning.
Love the gold hardware and pups. The neck. The top. Everything.
A great idea, can´t wait for the final pics!
Lovely guitar Willy !  :eek:

Note thats a lefty so it must be for you!!!  :icon_scratch:

Look forward to seeing the finished article.
Nice, I've been think about doing an L5S; can you get a std. Gibson V-V-T-T control hole set drilled at factory with 2nd f-hole option, or do you have to just do a V-T? The bottom of the 2nd f-hole looks like it might be in the plane of the std. upper control hole routes?
I couldn't say for sure Jack. I ordered it without any holes as I hadn't decided what I wanted :dontknow: