kluson holes


i was looking at some kluson tuners on a few websites, and i noticed that the hole size that they put out is 12/64"...
i come back to the site and it says that they drill 11/32" hole for kluson

to make a long story short, will warmoth's kluson holes fit kluson tuners, because, statistically speaking, they shouldn't  :sad1:

(i might be getting a little paranoid here, but i'd rather not waste 70 dollars just to find out that they don't fit)
12/64" is the same as 3/16". That sounds very very small for tuner holes.. you sure that site would be accurate? 11/32" should be fine..

this is where i got that stat
That's the diameter of the SHAFT, not the ferrule holes. To the best of my knowledge all Klusons use a 11/32" ferrule hole