Just took my first step


I’ve been lurking on the Warmoth website for two months and finally decided to pull the trigger on a build. I had been planning on doing a custom build, but decided to do something a bit more simple my first time around. I ended up purchasing from the in stock options and went with a Korina, black satin telecaster body and a blood wood ebony fretboard neck.

I’ve always liked telecasters from afar, but I’ve always been more into progressive metal/Djent type music. So I’ve decided to build a ‘djent caster’. Satin Black body, matte black pick guard, all black hardware, a 4 way switch, plus a kill switch between the volume and tone knobs. I’m going with a Bare knuckle Cobra T in the bridge and a pile driver in the neck. I can’t wait to get this built
Welcome to the Forum. Sounds like an interesting build, we like project logs here so please try to post pictures as you go. Good luck on the build and have fun with it.  :headbang:
Welcome. That should be a good build. It'll be nice to follow your progress. By all means post photos as you go along.