Jet buffing motor with stand - which buffing wheels?


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I have the opportunity to get one of these at 'giveaway' prices


for those who do sprayed finishes, what kind of buffing wheels are you using and at what speed? obviously this would be an excellent tool for use with an inflatable drum (as seen on the right side) ... but it also appears that this would be a good tool for setting up with buffing wheels to polish sprayed (and oil) finishes

with its 5/8" arbor (left side), I could easily utilize wheels like these from LMI


or maybe this package from Woodcraft

the Woodcraft wheels look like they need to screw into a threaded shaft, so I'm guessing (based on the little info I can see from the image and avi) these wouldn't work

any thoughts from those who use one of these (or something similar)?

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I use the same wheels as Tonar, and the same buffing compound.

I originally used the medium and fine compound, and thought that was great, and it is,,,,,then I discovered the ultra fine and holly crap!

I may be spinning slightly slower than Tonar (800) but not much, i feel like i could go as high as 1000 rpm, but would probably just throw buffing compound off the wheel.

Dude congrats, you can use that setup for a lot of buffing needs,  I buffed out a tung oiled neck, it had dried for 2 months, you could not look dirrectly at the neck without damaging your eyes, and the feel when playing was butter.

I know a place that sells those jets here in Portland, are you sure it spins slow enough?  1750 is gonna be too fast, in my opinion
If it's too fast, it's still a good tool for other things, one can never have too many tools