Jazzmaster bridge alternatives?


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i'm trying to plan a new project i love the look of jazzmasters / jags but i hate the bridge design, rattly, ringy etc  i would like a hardtail jazzmaster what would work best? would a vintage stratocaster hartail bridge be suibtable?

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Neil x
It's my understanding that you can  choose pretty much any bridge you want for your jazzmaster. I know hardtail strat or TOM + STP have been done many times. If you're set on a hardtail strat bridge, I'm not sure which would work better- vintage or narrow. I believe the traditional jazzmaster bridge width is in between vintage and narrow widths. Either would probably work out fine.

I guess my point is, it's all do-able.
I also like the TOM with string through,  I think they are simple and look good. I havea build planned for exactly that.