Jaguar Bass Bodies


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I think the Jaguar bass is popular enough that people would want to make their own version.
I may be wrong, but I know I wouldn't mind having a custom Jaguar shaped bass with maybe a nice burst and no pickguard, just the volume/tone control plate,
some nice Nordstrand jazz pickups in the seventies position... ooh-GAS pain! :sad:
I personally would love to see Warmoth do Jaguar bodies, but I don't think they would sell well at all...I don't think Jaguars are nearly as popular as they should be.
I posted a suggestion for this Jaguar Bass body a while back, and some folks replied with some interest. Maybe worth a look at by Warmoth?

Here's the thread:

Warmoth may do the Jaguar Bass body for a custom one off, but it shouldn't be too hard for them to line up a licence for that body from Fender, and they have very similar bodies on their list already and control routs and pickup routs programmed into the CNC machines ready to go.