Jack's First Base


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Saw the absurdly underpriced body and the Showcase, and the build was inevitable

Quilt on Alder body:


AAAAA Birdeye Maple neck w/ Bocote fretboard:


Will vintage the hell out of the neck with Fender Neck Amber then nitro lacquer; all black hardware, vintage wiring, Rio Grande Muy Grande J Bass PUs. Should rock....
Nice Bass, dude! This means you'll have to buy a bass amp if you dont already have one. :laughing7:

The "normal" channel of my '79 Fender 75 with a single Eminence Big Ben 15" speaker works just fine as a bass amp.
The neck looks sensational Jack. Put some big ear tuners on that one  :icon_thumright:
Really great lookin body there. I maybe would have liked to see the neck without inlays though. Ah, the showcase
for a truly vintage sounding instrument, ditch the Rio's and load it with a Nordstrand NJ4 set

if you want to get more modern sounding, utilize a NJ4SE set. these are split coil. and will bring you humcancelling even when running a pickup solo. NJ4SE's are my first choice for J-style pickups, and a perennial customer favorite when tested against other J-bass pickups

all the best,

Already ordered the RGs; wasn't necessarily going for 100% vintage; I've been real happy with all the RG guitar PUs that I've used so far, the JBass Muy Grandes are have a little higher output than vintage type JBass sets, and be a little "punchier", that's kind of what I was shooting for, we'll see out it turns out.
That is a very cool looking neck, man.  I see that your wise aesthetic choices translate well to the lower register of stringed doo-hickeys.
I've got a friend that's been on me to build him a Warmoth Jazz bass for more than 6 months now, but he can't ever make up his mind on body/finish. Saw those parts and figure if I build/finish it and stick it in his hands he'll take it.
You oughta tease him with it first, tell him another friend knows how to make up his mind.

And btw, you might wanna keep it yourself :guitarplayer2:
Pics aren't great, but here they are; birdeye on neck is incredible and pics don't do justice. Guess I should send it all back due to the knots in the bocote board and quilt top...  :laughing7:





That is going to be a great Bass!!
there's definetly something wrong with the maple though, better send it back! :)
But it's really that problem... send it back, but mind the adress change from warmoth, now they are in Brazil  :toothy12:
Hey Jack

did that neck come with the nut pre-slottet? they dont mention this on the bass neck info page.

Yes; I don't know why it's not on the page but you can custom order it, or if you buy a neck off the Showcase the option's there for corian or graphite nuts just as for guitar necks.