Jack Plate Questoin

TTU Shredder

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Does anybody know what jack plate i can use with the Planet Waves Stereo Jack? Its on a V-2 style body. Thanks for the help.
I think "football side jack plate" or "square side jack plate" are both correct.
I ordered square version for Planet Waves jack but i haven't received yet, so i can't verify, hope i'm right  :toothy11:
Those are not curved in any way are they? I have a football one on my ibanez and it curves around the body. I just want to make sure they are flat.
I've used the PWSJ on a Strat Recessed Top Jack Plate, it fits, but the outer metal cover always sticks in the hole.
I just used a football plate on my carved top soloist and the jack fit perfectly.  i would think they would make them to be a kind of "universal" fit anyway.  Buy a few plates from somewhere and send back the ones you don't end up using.