Instructions For Beginners. (Can we sticky this?)


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A lot of people come here and ask, "What do I do and where do I start?" well here's how you start:

STYLE: Primarily what style do you want to play on this guitar? The rest of this Tutorial should follow the style you play.

Body: Choose your body shape (anything will work for any style)
  Woods: Pick the wood you will use for the body that will suit the style.
    Laminate Top: Do you want it to look like its one of a kind?
    Carved Or Flat Top: Just a preference. (on limited guitars only)
    Rear Rout or Front: Also a limited guitar choice and only a preference.
    Binding: Also preference.
    Side Jack: Preference.
  Bridge: What bridge do you need for the style you play?
  Pickup rout: What kind of pickups do you need for said style?
  Finish: Do you want it finished or not?

Neck: This is the link to their Neck Customizing thing -->

Hardware: Choose to fit your style
  Tuning Pegs
  Pickguard (required for Front Rout.)


STYLE: Speed Metal

Body: Explorer 
  Woods: Mahogany  $230
    Laminate Top: nope
    Carved Or Flat Top: Flat
    Rear Rout or Front: Rear
    Binding: no
    Side Jack: 7/8''
  Bridge: Original Floyd Rose rout
  Pickup rout: Humbucker Humbucker.
  Finish: Black $185

Neck: This is the link to their Neck Customizing thing --> mine came out to $338

Hardware: Choose to fit your style
  Pickups: Seymour Duncan Jazz and JB $120
  Bridge: OFR $180
  Tuning Pegs: Gotohs $35
  Pickguard: $25

Total: $1,113 Give or take $50

If anyone has any suggestions for this tutorial i will gladly update it.