Installing Planet Wave tuners


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On a Warmoth neck that is drilled for Schaller they usually drill a 3/8 inch hole with a smaller hole on the peghead, unfortunately a planetwave tuner wouldn't fit because planet wave requires a 3/8 inch hole all the way through, so take the 3/8 inch bit, run it in reverse and just push it through (from the headstock of course, you don't want to crack anything) so you can avoid grabbing the existing wood and chipping things... or a dremel sanding drum or a reamer works, but I had to do this to my koa neck because I asked for schaller hole (why do I always do that?) and thought a planet wave would just fit...

Of course after doing this the hole was still too tight so I used a stick with sandpaper taped around it and a drill to enlarge it, you don't have to do a perfect job because the tuner and its hardware covers a multitude of sin...

I personally would have used a step drill from the front.  They dont crack the wood if you go easy... and they self center.  But you got it right.  Those thin dremel sanding drums come in handy!~
It's a 25/64th hole, I am ready to install the same tuners, I have the bit, I'd rather have a long thin step bit though, I have visions of the 25/64th  grabbing and tearing.  I'll wait till, i've had a few beers, then I wont care.
I had the same problem with an allparts neck. I took a little routingbit, and routed the little edge away. I started routing at first under an angle, and then worked my way in. Then I took a little sanding-drum, with the final size of the nut of the tuner (10mm) and then I just started sanding.

DO NOT DRILL IT OUT!!!!! Your headstock will most definitly break off. You should sand it, not drill it. a drill has too much force, and will try to make the headstock 'spin' aswell. Spin the same direction as your drillbit itself. if you have a routingbit, it wil just chunk away some wood, nothing more. a sanding drum wont 'grab' into the wood.
wouldn't hurt to tape it up on both sides to prevent a)damage such at scratches and b) splintering of the would. I second using a dremel sanding device. Drill may work, but if u f up u will surely be Pissed :dontknow: