FS Rio Grande Vintage Tallboy Strat Pikcup With Black Cover (RWRP)

FZ Fan

I have a new unused Rio Grande Vintage Tallboy Strat Pikcup with a Fender Black Cover that is Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity that would be best used in the middle position to noise cancel. It comes with a Genuine Fender Black Strat cover and the mounting screws and springs. It is NOS and was made in 2006 in Texas. I bought a Rio Grande HHS Quinto set and only needed one humbukcer for a build. The set was open coil hums and had no cover for the Strat pup. I bought black covers to change my HHS Strat to all black cover and I have one spare and it is for the Rio Strat pup. I sold the other hum already. Asking $65 and shipping is included. I and send you pics if you want them just PM me.