Identify this tele neck?


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Recently picked this up off craigslist for $120.

Seller claimed it was a USA tele neck made by Fender. There is no way. He also said it is "roasted rosewood." It looks to be roasted maple.

Pretty neck and well worth $120, whatever it is. But can any of you experts help identify any details of it or its origins? Thanks!

Got a pic of the truss nut? What makes you think it’s dubious? Roasted rosewood? Damn, on that alone you got hornswoggled. But you know there’s no such thing right? Without it in my mitts I can’t tell? But I’ve played ersatz teles and some have sounded pretty good. How does it play?
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I knew it was not "roasted rosewood," does that even exist? But thought it was worth the entertainment value at $120 (which does not buy much these days!).

I already dropped it off at my guitar shop to get bolted up and setup. The truss nut is an Allen wrench nut in the heel. Frets felt great, not the rough/unfinished feel of a crappy neck... So we shall see.
Have you got a picture of the bottom of the heel or the end of it? That is where there are usually some sorts of stamp or identifying marks.

Also, the back of the headstock and overall neck. How many frets etc?
It's definitely a nice looking neck, and it looks like whoever made it was going for a quality product.
That neck is not roasted.

The inlays and skunk stripe have the same kind of yellowing. So does the truss rod end.

It may be a fender neck, but it's not a fender finish.
Therefore, it's a fraud
Looks like a great neck, so not a Fender …
”Roasted rosewood” should probably have meant roasted maple with a rosewood fingerboard.