HVLP spray gun...

might be OK if you're doing many bodies at once, but that's an awful big canister to load up just for one body or neck ...

if you have an air compressor, you could save yourself a ton of cash and use one of these instead



I have two in my shop - one for clear only (never use anything colored in it!!!) and one for colors. having one dedicated for clear really helps ensure I have a totally clean gun that won't surprise me with a spotch or color when I expect it the least. I like the small canister size (just right for a body or two!) and the ease at which I can manuver it around to tight places like the body cutaways.

keep in mind you'll also need an air dryer/filter to go with it. you do NOT want a filter that also has lubrication capabilities!

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I don't have a compressor, that's why this unit caught may eye.  Self contained for a little over $100.

I was looking into a "real" gun and compressor unit a while back and couldn't justify spending the money on it.  Right now this is just a hobby and I don't want to sink that kind of money into it.
I think I would stay away from that.  I have demonstrated some HVLP units that would work for what we do but the ones that are usable start more in the $900.00 range.  I’m with SkuttleFunk but I understand the $$$$$$ thing.  Check Craig’s List for old compressors and guns to see if you can score a deal.   
If you do try this, keep us informed about how it worked. The first couple of bodies I finished, I used Spray Can laquer from Re-Ranch and had pretty good results, even spraying in the summer.
Just out of curiousity; I got one of these DeWalt compressors last fall to run power tools/nail gun:


What would y'all recommend for spray guns to use with it? I just have a cheap 1 qt. gun that came with a kit of Chinese pneumatic tools. Will probably continue to apply sealer and toners with spray cans and just use this for nitro lacquer gloss top coats?