Hughes & Kettner


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After seeing an ad with tone monster, Allan Holdsworth endorsing Hughes & Kettner, it really piqued my interest.
I ended up with the Switchblade 100 combo amp.
They are unique in that they are tube power and pre-amp and have built in effects.
Comes with pedal board so I'm just a button away from a new sound.
It's great!


To check out the amp played by Thomas Blug with his 61 Strat, go to:


Hey Priebster, that is an awesome video, thanks.

I've never heard of that guy, I like his sound and his style of play, awesome  :guitarplayer2:
In 2004, He was voted by Fender, the Strat King of Europe after a big competion. He is also a product developer for Hughes & Kettner. Great Tone eh?
this amp rocks :headbang:

I have the Switchblade 50 combo and the Matrix 100 combo.