For Sale: Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 100 TSC Head with Footswitch, Cover, etc.


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Hi y'all,

I still have some remaining gear for sale - all posted on Imgur (links by each item remaining) and on Reverb ( I figured I would just list them out here and provide links to the guitar picture albums as well.

If anyone is interested in anything (or want to group some items together), PM me and let's git er dun. The location is Highland NY (Hudson Valley area) and shipping is easy. Since you are a Warmoth buddy, your prices are better than what I am listing it all for on Reverb... Woot!!

Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 100 TSC - asking $895 on Reverb

This is an amazing guitar amplifier, absolutely the best tube head I have ever owned. (So... if nobody buys it... I'll be fine.) I run it through two 2x12 cabinets and can achieve ANY amp sound I want and store it for instant recall very easily.

This model is hard to find now days in great condition and the Tube Safety Control (TSC) version is a crucial differentiation. I suggest you don't buy one without it. TSC safeguards our tubes, amp, and sound. It also helps us manage and check the EL34 and 6L6GC tubes at any time. So you end up with an incredibly flexible tube amp that is as low-maintenance as a solid-state amps. It has built-in effects that are actually very credible, easy to control, and easy to store and recall. Take a look at the pictures for all the details.

Notes about the four channels from the Hughes & Kettner manual:

SWITCHBLADE 100 TSC offers four Channels with markedly different sonic characters. Courtesy of SWITCHBLADE TSC’s programmability, you enjoy more and more powerful sound-shaping options:

1) Clean Channel: Tuned to rival classic Californian tone, the Clean Channel delivers a spectrum of sweet sounds ranging from crystal-clear to remarkably responsive Crunch tones. The programmable Presence control adds silken warmth as well as sparkling shimmer to the sonic equation.

2) Crunch Channel: Classic British overdrive à la carte! The Crunch Channel covers the diverse tonal spectrum from clean to mean, and all points in between. The Gain control’s integrated Boost function transforms tight rhythm tone into a throaty growl perfect for rockin’ riffs.

3) Lead Channel: The Lead sound is the first choice for hard-rockin’, classic British high-gain tone to fuel leads, power chords and riffs. Courtesy of its fine-tuned compression, this channel delivers the lubricant that makes those slick riffs and licks fly off your fingertips.

4) Ultra Channel: American high-gain sound with sumo-sized low end and snarling top end. The Ultra Channel delivers the kind of merciless performance that is sure to delight metal meisters and dropped tuning aficionados. Ultra is also an alluring alternative for guitarists seeking to super-size their sound with a high-calorie topping of rich tone.