How many coats...spray poly


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I am using a minwax spray poly satin on my build.  My question is how may coats should I use.  I have a good 6 coats on both the body and neck now.  It is hard for me to tell the build up since it is a satin.  I will likely only hit it slightly with some 0000 steel wool to smooth it out.  I am going for a "natural" look finish here but I want to make sure the Korina and Zebra wood are protected.  I did not use any grain fill.
Because your using satin and are going for a more natural finish (meaning your not trying to fill all the pores in the wood), you should be fine with a couple more coats.

On my Black Korina Strat, I'm up to about 12 coats of Gloss MinWax Poly. I didn't fill the pores, but they are very close to being filled.
I do want a shiny, glass like finish and will probably need at least another 3 or 4 coats (yes, this has been a lot of work, though it's been fun too).
I do not want the pores filled...I am happy with the looks of it now with the 6.  I guess I am hoping this is enough and do not need more without sacrificing the "protective effect."
I think 6 coats would provide plenty of protection (you probably had enough protection with 4 or 5 coats). I just mentioned a few more above, as they wouldn't be enough to fill the pores, but would give that extra measure of protection.... which is probably overkill.