How many coats of wipe-on poly for a neck?


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How many coats of wipe-on poly have you guys used for a neck?  On my two Warmoth's, I did 10-11 coats of satin on the necks.  Is this enough?  It feels good to the tough, and seems to be holding up well, but I'm just curious to hear if anyone else has done ALOT more than that...

i put 7 coats of satin wipe on poly on my 1st warmoth neck (which is curing for a week now).
i think 7 is enough but i may be wrong.
1 think that i`ve noticed is that on the sides of the ebony fretboard the poly seems to be taking a lot longer to dry compared to the back of the neck (maple).
i put the 7th and last coat 2 days ago and still, the sides of the fretboard feel sticky.

is this normal for poly on ebony?

I wouldn't have put any wipe-on poly on the ebony at all - that sounds like it won't look good. You should have taped off the ebony.
I thought wipe-on poly was only supposed to need a couple of coats, anyhow? Most people think thinner is better, you're just protecting the wood from moisture so any thin poly should be plenty.