Hollow guitars...


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How does being "hollow" effect the sound?  Just because of the reduced mass?  It seems like pickups only detect the metal strings - does being hollow effect how the strings vibrate?  And if so, what difference does an "f" hole or other opening make?

Just thinking about it and curious - is there a faq on this somewhere?
1.  The F/hole allows you to easily stuff your extra gym socks in the guitar.

(just wanted to clear that one up first)

2.  Hollow allows a different set of resonances to happen, resulting in attenuation of certain high mids and highs, resulting in a mellower tone.  Be aware that neck wood and profile effect this to a greater extent.  That is, a solid ash vs thinline ash body... the thinline has mellower (still has some pop tho).  But, both will be sort of bright with a maple neck.  Throw a mahogany neck on them... and you get very mellow on the thinline.  Now make it a thick mahogany neck and you get this real solid beefy lower mids.  All dependent on the pickup choice of course.
The 'F' hole on a Warmoth hollow body is for aesthetics ONLY. It does have function on a regular thinline, but not a hollow thinline. They look cool, function or not.
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Ih you try to stash a joint in a real hollow body like a Thinline or L5S it will fall into the cavity and can be shaken back out later. If you stuff it in the f-hole of a hollow chambered body it will still be visible and you will get busted.
Aw man... and here I been stuffin my used sweatsocks in there..... I had no idea!~
Oh boy; I'm really looking forward to my L5S now. Just think of all the fun I'll have with TWO f holes Yipeeeeeeeee!! :blob7:

Just fwiw, thats my thinline with no f/hole.