Hipshot Bridge/Action height issues on new Warmoth Strat


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So my Warmoth Strat parts order arrived recently (Roast Swamp Ash Body, Roast maple Neck). It was speced with a 'narrow flatmount' hardtail bridge route, and a 'flat mount bridge - humbucker spacing' to go with it. Due to supply issues at Warmoth, they couldn't supply the actual bridge, so I ordered a Hipshot HT 41060G bridge (0.125" floor thickness) separately.

On building the guitar, the body and neck fit perfectly, the Hipshot bridge also fits, but I just can't get the action high enough to set it up correctly. I extended all the saddle height screws to maximum, and it is 'playable' but far from perfect.

I ordered a neck shim to see if this would help, but I don't like the idea as the body/neck joint looks perfect. Hipshot make the same bridge with a 0.175" floor, but I don't think that this would help that much (1mm only increase). The other option I see is to have the neck pocket routed deeper, but again, I don't fancy this as I may want to use another neck in it later.

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue, or could recommend a bridge that would be higher?

I was looking at:


Any help appreciated!


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You could always just order the same flat mount bridge you were getting from warmoth. I just had to do this as my order just shipped and they informed me they didn't have any of the fender flat mount HT in stock. So I went online and ordered the same bridge. Paid a tad more than warmoth was charging but... I ended up ordering mine from Guitar Parts Factory https://www.guitarpartsfactory.us/index.php?route=product/category&path=274_376_378


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I had that happen on a Strat body some years back. Ordered the thicker (.175") bridge, but no love. Ended up routing the pocket deeper, even though it measured properly, as did the neck heel. Since the neck was not modified, it was still usable elsewhere if the spirit moved me. The body was now modified, but other necks worked out fine in it. So...haunted body? Dunno.