Here I go again!


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Bubinga on Bubinga, 1 11/16" graphite nut, Variax headstock, 6130 frets, abalone dots and boat contour......lurverlee!!!!!

It got here an hour ago, now I'm sweating on the rest of it to arrive. It's going on a L5S body of Black Korina with a Koa top.


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jackthehack said:
Sweet! Just using the Variax headstock for "different"?

Yeah, basically. I thought it would be the best look with a L5S. I used a Warmoth headstock on the mockingbird but the offset line up of the tuner holes bugs me. I think it fans the strings out too much. I thought about a "V" also but I'm happy with my decision. It feels great just as is but it has some nice flame that needs bringing out. Waddayareckon a lick of tung oil?
willy, i have to say, i like your style. First its that tele hybrid thingy, and now your building an L5S, i was thinking of making either one of them, or a tele with my chunk of queensland maple. hmm probs the tele, but still a big routed out boat would be nice.
I decided I'll leave it raw. A bit of feed'n'wax once in a while to keep up appearances. I've fitted the tuners and truss rod cover so now I will just cuddle it until the body gets here. I'm a sick puppy :doh:


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Holy crap, man, that thing is glowing at me from the other side of the world!
I'm assuming you bought one of the gold metal logos and cut everything off but the "W"? It looks fantastic.
nathan a said:
I'm assuming you bought one of the gold metal logos and cut everything off but the "W"? It looks fantastic.

That's what happened,  now can anybody make a word out of a r m o t h ? :icon_scratch:
MARTOH.  Sure it's not a real word, but its the best I could do In 15 seconds.  :icon_biggrin:
Ooh yeah.  RATHMO.  That has a nice ring to it.  It might make for a Da-Da-esque art guitar to put all the possible combinations of letters out of those metal logos up the fretboard or something.  If you were into that sort of thing.
.........which I'm not but nevermind, BTW got any of that stuff left? :toothy12: :toothy12: :toothy12:
BobR55 said:
mothra!  Anybody remember those campy old Japanese monster movies?

"Destroy All Monsters" & "Atragon" are a couple of my desert isle DVD's.