Help me get LP sound


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I know I will never get it exactly, or even super close with this gear, but how should I wire this gear to get as close to a vintage LP sound as possible:

Mahog body warmoth strat
Maple (I know...) neck, rosewood fretboard
Duncan '59s neck and bridge
1 vol
1 tone
3 way switch

Any suggestions for vol or tone pot values, and tone cap value?  Also, I have read various ways to wire for a vintage LP - will this matter with just one vol and tone?

Thanks for input!

Pickups, bridge style and neck wood are the big factors, IMO. I don't think the Maple neck is that much of a liability because you have a rosewood fingerboard. I also think that part of the LP's sound is from the shorter scale length. A 25.5" scale guitar can still be very sweet and round sounding, though.

500k volume. Tone control: unless you're looking to sound like Robert Fripp, who cares. Besides, the interwebs is full of schematics that will tell you everything you need. try
You've already decided basically all the things that will determine your tone. Wiring is no biggie, just do it with Gibson value stuff (.023 cap, 500k pots). Maple neck and 25.5" scale will definitely influence your tone though, but just wire it up and let er rup. You can always build another if you don't like the sound!