Simple Wiring Help Needed - Single Bridge Alnico PAF Style Humbucker


Hey - I'm back with more neediness... It seems I only show up here when I need something, but you guys are so helpful!

So here's my wiring situation - I'm revamping an old guitar, and it's only going to be using a single Wilkinson PAF style alnico bridge pickup (this one HERE). I want to use a push/pull vol pot, and a tone pot. I haven't bought the pots yet, but I did order a 0022uf Orange Drop cap for the tone. So, can anyone suggest the wiring for this? I know it's simple, but everywhere I looked they only show how to wire both the neck and bridge pickups, and I'm using only a single bridge pickup for this guitar - no neck pickup. Also, unless you have a better suggestion, I plan on getting a 500K audio push/pull pot and a 500K linear pot, both CTS.
Okay, I refined my search and found this. Looks like it should work, only there's no "bare shield" listed for the pickup I'll be using.

That pickup has four wires, and the black one is shown as ground. You shouldn't have to be concerned with the lack of a shield as long as you observe that ground connection. Here are Musiclily's connections for that pickup.