hellish rig


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this is my guitar


and it goes into a digitech 2120 artist v3.0 with two 12ax7eh high gain rating

to a peavey classic rack tube amp 120/120
with 4 sovteck 12ax7 high gain rated
and 8 6l6GC electro harmonix(i also have a pair or svetlanas i use on special ocassion)
and goes into a 2 generic 4x12 cabs
and it was 8 ev12ml black label speakers

each 120 side goes into each cab at 4 ohm hand wired 4 x 16 ohms bridged
what do you think??
Such things are great until you move to the 4rd floor in a building without elevators. Hope you can hire roadies before you hit your mid 30's. They're cheaper than chiropractors.
I had a similar setup a few years ago, a 2120 into a Boogie 50/50 rack tube power amp, then into a 4 x 12 w/EV 12Ls. I liked the solid state distortion with the 2120 much more than the "tube" sound, which really isn't tube distortion, but rather tubes as low voltage (12v) diodes.
I've had Peavey power amps too, but they always seem under powered. I ran my Mesa on low power, which was 15w per side, and it swamped the 120/120 I had before that.
neilium said:
Such things are great until you move to the 4rd floor in a building without elevators. Hope you can hire roadies before you hit your mid 30's. They're cheaper than chiropractors.
I have a Mesa 4x12, it's busting my back already and I'm 22  :tard:
1. i live in the santa cruz montains in the woods, and i dont have neighbors for 5 miles around me
2. somethjing must have been up with ur 120/120......ive thrown away messas before...i have messas with a passion and they are soo colored in tone its not even worthy for my to call it tone worthy, but everyone has a opinion.....

but yeah my 120/120 well theres only one amp on the market MADE TO THIS DAY THAT CAN KEEP UP WITH IT and its the new engl rackmoumt 120/120   

but seriously.....get ur amp checked becasue i had one channel set on my 120/120 from my 2120 and it took over two messa full stacks

3. sorry i dont have sound clips, arent really recording now, i have a studio, but no multitrack, mine broke a few years ago and i wana get it replaced its a nice fostex from the 80's
Mmmmmm, I don't know. 

I had the Mesa 2-90 in my triaxis rack for years.
It has serious volume and tone.  I finally retired it to
the closet because of the chiropractor thing :). The
2-90 weighs like 55 lbs by itself!

I swapped it out for the Mesa 20/20.  I'd really
recommend it.  It's a LOT louder than you'd expect
for 20W and it sounds great.

I use a 2101 and a DHP33 for effects with wireless
and a couple of midi switching widgets in there for

These days I'm running the rig in mono (stereo
only makes sense if you're recording or the mains
are stereo... and they never are).  I run a 1x12
wide body cab miced for the sound man and a
1x12 wedge for me. Both have vintage 30's.

Sound guy's happy because I get him a good level
and leave it alone, but I still have my own monitor
level control :).


that sounds mega sweet

yeah i use a 120/120

nd its at about 2/3 volume on each side, and each side goes into a cab with 4 ev's and they break up a little bit beyond the vintage 30s but they handle more power

i only use mono also im not a fan of stereo, if i want a cool phse effect i send it to the r channel for instance and set the volume to 0 and dont even have it plugged in

and for the quieter tones  i have anot rack, i have a pic somewhere if u want it, its a older setp, its a 2112 that i upgraded to a 2120, and it has tung sol in em, and its setup to a single channel power amp peavey calssic 60 rack amp and it has jj 12ax7's and it has tungsol 6l6gc, but i just bought a set of the new svetlana c so i dont know i havent put em in yet, since the tungsol came with the amp and are very old

but anyways, its connected to a cab with 4 greenbacks    so i play it when people are home and stuff,  but when im jamin with my friends or whatever im def using the full stack

also what i like is when i use my full stack its 2/3 volume (power amp)or premium punch

and when im using my other setup in at full volume but i use the 2120 unit as  mixer and can get full drive with low output levels, whereas when i use my stack the 2120 unit is basicaly at ful volume less drive and the amps are semi all the way

anyways i love the digitech dsp units, im a esspecialy a fan of the 2120 artist, and i have a couple and i would only concider getting more, in case i ever blow one out


I understand about spares.  The old Digitech DHP33
was a great guitar harmonizer.  I think I need to find a spare
before they all disappear forever.  Thank God for e-bay :)