Has anyone...


Has anyone constructed a L5S body with a Bigsby?  After building two Strats I'm thinking about a Goldtop L5 with a Bigsby, semi-hollow w/ f-holes, probably P90 pups.  The neck angle and Bigsby are a bit intimidating just because I haven't ventured down that path before.  Any advice out there?
Yes, but the Bigsby setup is not done by Warmoth.  The bridge area has to be left blank so the tech can setup the body for the Bigsby trem.  But yes, it has been done before.
I like the looks of a bigsby setup, I like that you dont have to route through the body, And the operation of the trem arm does not change the height of the strings.

Post pics of your project as you go

Jay, so what needs to happen to get a body from warmoth that is bigsby ready? And why does Warmoth not offer a bigsby? Not enough demand?

I'm sure it's all a custom order