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Does Warmoth make the hole to ground the whole circuit to the bridge?
Yes, but it you can check eBay for vintage holes if you want the best tone.  Some folks say the holes from the late 50's are just killer, but... ya know... the price$ of them these days....  By the way, as the vintage hole market heats up - use extreme care - because there are a lot of fakes out there.
CB that is just ridiculous. Modern technology enables us to bore absolutely perfect ground holes with consistency. The fifties were so inconsistent. In this day and age, I have the utmost confidence that every bridge ground hole I receive will perform to my (very) high expectations. No kinks in my ground hole to suck tone.

Although, for one '50 esquire replica project I put together, I had to go totally vintage. I cut that hole myself just like Leo used to, with my teeth.
Yes I think they can do that if you ask them. Better to ask Warmoth direct.
I didn't even think to ask them, and my body came with the hole drilled and a wire installed.
Nathan and CB, you are both so five minutes ago.  Go wireless.  Haven't you heard of bluetooth grounding technology?

Tweed, yes the ground wire channels are a standard part of the build.  If you're doing a TOM/STP and have us do the stud install, we'll include the ground wire too.