Green swamp ash tele


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Ive built a custom guitar from warmoth before and thought it was great fun so thought i would do it again but go bigger and better! Ive wanted a telecaster for ages so ive decided on that, and ive decided i love the idea of the transparent green on swamp ash with a binding round the edge, so im decided on that. but thats pretty much where im stuck now. Do you guys prefer contoured or non, i have both and it doesnt really make much different to me, i like the vintage style of of non contoured but contoured is more comfortable i guess. what you guys think? also does anyone know of a good site i can get telecaster hardware and pickups (ideally gold) in the UK (as thats where im from!) thanks guys :)


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Hi kaz, welcome.

I've got a couple of teles without the contouring.  They are very comfortable to play.  Besides, adding a contour ruins the chances of adding a b-bender at a later date!  :headbang:

I've been very happy with lollar pickups in my teles.  I believe that another tele player will chime in any second with the recommendation of bare knuckle pickups, which I believe are UK based.

Gold?  I think you might have to plate the neck pickup yourself.  Not hard to do mind you...