Gotoh vintage 6 screw bridge


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Hi guys
I understand that the Gotoh vintage 6 screw bridge is supplied on the Warmoth website and I would assume does fit the vintage tremolo bridge route.  My question to anyone currently using this set up - have you had any problems with string spacing on the e strings with "fall-off" on the edges of fretboard?
It's old school Fender spec with the wide 2-7/32" string spacing so the strings are pretty close to the edge of the fretboard, probably 2-3mm from the edge with most setups.

I've never had any issue with pulling a string off the fretboard on my vintages Fenders, but I'm also not playing metal. That said, I do think the modern narrow spacing is more forgiving, and use a Callaham V/N (vintage screw spacing, narrow string spacing) bridge for my kid's guitar.
I’d recommend looking at the Kluson brand narrow-spaced vintage strat style bridge. It’s got what’s become my favorite spacing, 54mm or 2-1/8”. This is basically a 1/16” or so narrower than Fender’s vintage bridge. It’s also what’s on most telecasters with 3-saddle bridges.

Another really nice bridge (although pricey) is the Wudtone Tremolo with 54mm spacing. I like both and they are high quality. My Wudtone is my favorite strat bridge currently
10.8mm is my preferred spacing for a Strat type bridge too.

Gotoh do make bridges with vintage screw spacing but narrower string spacing (not the one Warmoth sells)

You can also get cheaper Wilkinson bridges that are similar.
I should’ve added that the only way to really make sure the strings comfortably clear both sides, is usually the 2-1/16” spacing like the Callaham V/N bridge. I have this bridge as well and Callaham is pretty much tied with the Wudtone for tone and sustain. But the Wudtone has an enhanced “Constant pivot” design ..

If the guitar has a good neck pocket and bridge rout alignment, the wider spacing works great for me. But I’ve seen some guitars have issues with bridge/neck alignment that aren’t easy to fix without modifying the neck pocket. Not usually an issue with Warmoth level parts
I ran into the same problem with a Warmoth build. The strings were way toward the edges of the fret board with that bridge. I ended up tossing it in my parts of no return bin. I solved the problem to my satisfaction by purchasing a Fender American Special bridge and the spacing was tighter.