goncalo strat and pesseguiero tele


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i bought these today from a luthier in the uk they were sitting in a box in his work shop for years forgotten about!

The strat:

Marupa body(?)  Kind of tan with brown and black streaking and figuring. Pretty light, seems kind of ash-y to me?
Goncalo alves (aka tigerwood?) top, absolutely amazing, couldn't believe my luck!...




The Tele

Peroba Rosa body.. heavy as hell tight grain, light light colour with chocolate figuring in small places... so heavy
Pessegueiro top ( i think i'm right in thinking this is peachtree wood?!) nice accent stripe down the centre of the bookmatched top similar tan / orange colour.



all needs a bit of care and rubbing but i got the pair for £80 so i'm blown away! I have a thing for exotic woods so i'm over the moon!
Perhaps I have said bullshit in the last post, so I've deleted it...
I didn't realized that is finished, so... the part that isn't finished looks like Marupa... But it's not very commom see it with ANY figuring... it's very very plain.... I've seen about 50 bodies of this wood and everyone was plain figuring (only mine have some birdseye  :icon_biggrin:).
nononsense,  i had a look on line and i agree that marupa normally looks plain so i don't know if the seller got it wrong, who knows :)  but it's a nice light body and the goncalo top looks amazing!

i just ordered a few necks off the showcase! I ordered a canary/bloodwood for the strat and a maple/king wood for the tele! pretty excited  :guitarplayer2: