Gig bag a solution for Mooncaster case issues?


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I have been considering a Mooncaster build for ages, but I've seen a lot of discussion here about the lack of good case options. That's been giving me pause, but lately I've been wondering if a high end gig bag would be a better solution. I admit I've always been a hardshell case or nothing person, but thinking a really high quality gig bag is maybe a better solution, at least for an oddly-dimensioned guitar like the Mooncaster.

Any reason something like this wouldn't be a good option for a Mooncaster? These are the larger size cases for 335s and other guitars with bigger bodies. I feel like the guitar would stay pretty snug in here despite not being an exact fit, unlike a Mooncaster bouncing around a too-big hard case.

Warmoth used the Gator Pro Go cases for the limited run of fully built guitars they did last year:

I also saw this video recently, which I thought made a pretty good case* for quality bags for higher end guitars vs. hardshell cases:

*(ugh pun not intended)