Gecko Kahler 5 Bridge


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Like so many others I have planned to put together my first custom bass. The choise is leaning towards the Gecko 5 medium.

Warmoth do rute for kahler 5 bridge. On other forums I have read that the Kahler 5 bridge isn't user friendly and it's very difficult to adjust, for example the intonation which needs a tweak when changing strings.

So, I would like to hear pros and cons for the Kahler 5 bridge. I've also noticed that many used the Hipshot A style bass bridge, but how about the routing?! Does Warmoth rute for other bridges aswell?

Cheers, Rolle


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Hello and Welcome!  :eek:ccasion14:

Warmoth does rout for the Kahler 5, but they don't sell the actual bridge.  They have a variety of other routs as well.

As far as usage goes....sorry I'm not much of a bassist.  But I'm hoping one of our bassists can chime in.  :help: