Very special short scale Z 😉


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Took a lot of planning but I made a 28 5/8 scale Warmoth short scale bass. It takes medium scale strings and has 24 frets. It’s a baritone neck and Z body. It’s a walnut body with a maple neck and ebony board, with walnut peg head veneer. Had to get 12-16 compound radius so the zero glide nut would work. It’s all USA hipshot hardware. Emg HB pickup, BQS active controls and 18V battery. The bridge is hipshot solo bridges so I could find the exact perfect intonation location. I centered the saddles and then intonated each individual bridge. That means I have a full range of movement from there to intonate in the future if needed. Probably the only extreme short scale bass out there that takes medium scale strings. Had to put the tail piece at the far end of the body so the screws from it wouldn’t go into the 18 volt battery box. This forced me to design it for medium scale strings.


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wow! that thing is pretty cool! Nice work; the reward was certainly worth the risk of combining different parts like that.