G4..just completed.


Howdy all......just finished this. :icon_biggrin:

It came in just under 8.6lbs.
maybe with hipshot ultra light tuners and bridge i can shave off a few more oz.
Peace, John
She plays great....midrange growl emphasis.....straight up MM, but when i bring up the neck....it really tames the mids....brings in the lows that i like.  Very simple controls. VVT...both wired series........it will fill the niche I was looking for.  John
ok, what was the build coast? 

my jaw has fallen off, and i must build one!  it almost looks doable on my fraction of a budget, let me thing, 19 dollar bridge, if i can remeber the site, super cheap tuners, but i would have to splurge on the pups, and stainless steel frets.
Well, I have had the neck since 1988 (Warmoth) and the parts and pup's for quite a few years too. All I spent was $180 and 6 coats of tung oil. I figure if you had to buy everything.....maybe $500.00--- Warmoth body and neck, using el cheapo hardware and pup's...just a guess. John
That's my kinda fiddle. Simple and to the point. Function over form. Congrats on an awesome build.  :headbang: