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Hey, I know this would be fun, not practical for everyone.

Wouldn't it be cool to organize an anuall forum gathering or party, somewhere near Puyalup Wa. Once each summer, where we can meet, show off our stuff, shoot the sheep, and meet the people behind the scenes? (us)  We could rotate it arround the country each year maybe.

At some local Park or whatever, would be a great weekend drive and visit. Bring the whole family?

I wanna look into CBs eyes and see if I can figure out whats going on. 

If only a dozen people showed the first year, It would still be a good time. and would grow each year.

I'd throw money at this....
I usually like this kind of thing, but I imagine that I won't be able to go!  :laughing7:
Perhaps you guys could plays some songs together!
Alfang said:
I wanna look into CBs eyes and see if I can figure out whats going on. 

Sorry, I always keep my World Famous X-Ray Glasses on, when on roadtrips.

I think a "W" tour with door prizes might bring the faithful to Mecca!

And Alfang,  CB is mad, bad, and dangerous to know.........
Seeing CB's eyes is what some folks see during their last moments on earth.
Gahh the warmoth factory is too far away. i live in australia. now thats one hell of a roadtrip!!
That would be a pretty cool deal to do. It would be quite a commute from Brazil and Australia for sure. On a message board you forget that who you're talking with can be half way across the world. I really appreciate the cool collection of great people who patronize this board and share their knowledge and ideas back and forth. There are a LOT of lurkers here that never post but learn a ton from you guys. They call in to Warmoth and mention they've spent a good deal of time here reading. It's great that we've been able to keep a handle on verbal bashing that I see as a cancer on most forums. Sure wouldn't want a new person to be scared to ask a question here for fear of ridicule. What I see coming back for answers a lot of the time here are these experienced, in-depth explanations that almost always hold some gold nugget for me.

It would be a hoot to all get together at some point.
I think it would be great! Not sure if I could make it, but I would definetely try to make arrangements to come!
I'd have to make it a fake biz trip; still hearing crap from the woman about spending all my time fishing at the gulf coast last Xmas....
RLW said:
ibob74 said:
Maybe a Warmoth factory tour?

"Uh, Gregg? I'm gonna need a doggie bag."

Oh yeah, I'm sure we could figure something out, especially for you RLW; financial contributor to the orginal Unofficialwarmoth board.  :icon_thumright:
Let me tell you what one company does....

That company is Ovation, which also extends the practice to Hamer and Kaman Music.  First, let me say that I know Bill Kaman, he's a great guy, a player (and damned good one) and collector (and a darned astute and knowledgeable one), and he exhibits true passion for what he does.... and would even if his father's name were not on all the letterhead <thanks Bill>

Once a year, they have a reunion of rag tag Ovation users, who frequent the web forums, are players, collectors, boutique Ovation dealers.. just folks who love Ovation.  They get a fairly nice factory tour.  They get lunch.  They get access to ask questions of the workers.  They pretty much get the VIP treatment.  I'm not sure how they cope with "insurance" issues, but they do get to wear safety glasses, and ear plugs (when applicable).  After lunch with Bill and his managers at the factory (just a small buffet... but done well), they get to tour Hamer USA (in the same building), then they get access to the VIP repository, wherein, they can purchase fantastic tops (to be fitted to newly ordered or existing instruments), necks, old stock (amazing finds from the 70's and 80's), special one-off models, even prototypes!.  After that they go to a hotel (where everyone is staying), they have the Ovation Dinner (usually with some factory staff present, Bill is sometimes there...sometimes not).  After dinner to the wee wee wee hours, the Ovation Jam, some plugged in, some not.  Next day they have informal brunch "Ovation afficianados" and then they're on their own.  They charge a fee for this, pretty much to cover expenses.  Its cheap... think it was $35 for tour, lunch and dinner.  Room is group rate, so reduced price.

Anyway that's what Bill does for the boys (and girls too!).  Kaki King and her dad (also a great player and Ovation maven) have been there.  Got some CD's and DVD's of her stuff handed out.  Glen Campbell hasn't made it <gggg>, but the offer is open.
my invitation got lost in the mail.
is what i'd say to avoid the cb death stare.

now, im afraid of no man, as long as i can make him laugh, but cb reminds me a little of my crazy cousin. and hes a bit of an arian, and a cousin fudger, has a license to carry and he scares the shit out of me. he's currently siting in a jail cell waiting for my sister to testify, before he gets a 30 year sentence.

any way its only a slight resemblance. but yeah, i like cb because like me he's a crazy bastard.
i'll head on over when i graduate, but if cb quotes deliverance, im gone.  :laughing7:
I like what -CB- said, and Warmoth guys, you understand the part of then they get access to the VIP repository, wherein, they can purchase fantastic tops (to be fitted to newly ordered or existing instruments), necks, old stock (amazing finds from the 70's and 80's), special one-off models, even prototypes!.  :icon_biggrin:
Well, we are W customers and we pay the bills........without us, W would be selling flooring.  :toothy10:

But CB's idea is a great idea!
Hey Schmoo, your only 16?  You have the humor and intelect of someone much older, my kid is 16, his response woulda been ," huh"
huh?  :icon_jokercolor:

i take pride in not being a dumb ass.
i'd like to take this chance to thank my father for filling me in on the truth about things, and not sugar coating every thing he told me.
i'd like to thank the history channel and the discovery channel, and cable tv in general for desensitizing me.
i'd like to thank my sister for kicking my ass every now and again (that stopped when i realized i have grown bigger than her and could easily throw her across the room)

and id like to thank youtube for confirming my religious queries. but i can't get into that here. lets just say it rhymes with free thinking

but yeah in real life im super boring but funny, i like to take advantage of the internet as an extension of the thought proses, i can discus religion and politics and guitars, instead of alienating my class mates or just keeping it bottled up like rage.