Flamed maple/ Black Korina VIP---- PROGRESS!!!!



I dyed the body, here's what I have so far. I used black dye reduced with water, then lightly sanded back, then mixed some concentrate vintage amber into the black dye and here's what I have so far:



did you grain fill the korina yet?  I was going to dye my korina LPS but heard Korina does not take dye well.  your seems to look fine.  I will be interested to see how it looks with clear.  Not much of the amber is showing in the photos.
I mixed the amber with the black dye, the black came out very purple-ish the first time around, so I mixed some very concentrated amber in with it to darken up the black. In person you can see a slight amber/brownish tint in the lighter lines of the maple, but only slightly, I wanted a mean dark rocker for this build...
I ordered some Nitro satin lac from guitar reranch, but it hasn't arrived yet, DANGIT!!! I'm doing a thin nitro satin finish on this baby (here's some examples)

Huuum lets see how it ends, you said the dye is water based, is there a problem mixing Lacquer with it?
I don't think so, the dye is supposed to be compatible with the nitro I ordered
thanks guys, Yes, I'm happy with the shade of black, at first it was really purple-ish, but I mixed in some amber and that gave me a cool dark black, mocha type color that I really dig
Everything is here!!! Got the neck and bridge yesterday, couldn't be happier! Also, there were 2 small scratches in the the left horn of the body, so I sanded and re-dyed the body last night, I'll post some more pics of the body after work. Here's the neck, nothing fancy, mahogany with rosewood fretboard, Abalone dots