First Warmoth build


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Just picked this off the Showcase.  Had been looking at it for a few days and couldn't beat the price.  Planning on going all black hardware, but still undecided on a neck.  I am wanting to stay gibson scale and would like to go with a raw neck.  I think the colour of the Bubinga/ebony or Canary/Ebony would look pretty cool on this. 

What do you all think?

Now I just got to wait 2 months till I get home to see it, that part sucks...

Yep, solid mahogany with a nice flame maple.  5 lb even.  The thing that really sold me on it is that it has a shadow binding on it because the maple edge actually shows through the trans red on the back and sides.  Gives it a kind of ghost look to it.

I'm usually negative about fancy paint and flashy bursts, but to me that is a beautiful guitar!  I still don't get the lime green lizard burst or whatever, especially when you can get an LP like that.  Nice choice.  Go chrome, though!
I agree with spaulding on chrome, and storm on canary,

and where are you that it's gonna be 2 months till home?
Stay safe, you've got a lot of rocking to do when you get back...  :party07: :party07: :party07:
Dude, you gotta have them rout it for a third HB and load it with gun powder like Ace's LP! Sorry, old Kiss fan.  I saw them back in 77'.

GREAT lookin' body!! Thanks for your service!  I would like to see a padouk/ebony neck on that baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bill in SC

Can you say whereabout you are in Afghan?  I work for the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) and we do the British radio and TV over there (though I'm not there at the moment).

As for your LP.  That thing is going to be a beaut once its done. have you thought about Pickups?  I can wholly recommend Bare Knuckle (having played on Ted's SG, and another friend who has several fitted to other guitars).  Dunno how easy they are to get hold of in the states, but I'm sure you could order some from the website.

Good Luck
Stay safe, be cool and if you ever come across one of our Satellite Technicians called Norman (those guys are always floating around from camp to camp), make him buy you a beer.

Take it easy fella.
hi i was thinking bubinga/ebony as well for my LP neck but wasn't quite sure tone wise. but i like the idea that exotic woods don't need to be finished. quite like the raw quality to it. but, my 0.2 cts, think the bubinga would go well with the body u selected. cheers

Currently assigned to Bagram AB.

I haven't made a decision on Pickups yet.  I have a set of EMGs (81 and 85) in my Gibson LP and Gibson PAF copies in a custom built LP.  Love the sound of the EMGs for almost everything I play.  But with this build I am looking for some diversity in the sound.  Was thinking about a SD Invader in the bridge and a SD 59 (or pearly gates) in the neck.  I want something with a nice bite to it, but something I can roll the volume back on and get a nice clear, full sound.

I was thinking about the Rio Grande pickups, but I don't want a covered pickup on this guitar, wanting to get more of the basic look with the black hardware and open pups.  I'll take a look at the Bare Knuckle Pickups.  I got some connections in the UK if I want to go that route.  What's the use of having a Mother-in-Law if I can call in the favor every now and then.  Not to mention, my wife usually goes back to the UK every year and I usually try to get time off work to go as well.   Nothing like a Pint down at the local.  

I usually play through a 2 channel 100 watt JCM 800 super lead, but also play through a 65 watt create when I want to be a bit more portable.  I just love the sound of a LP pluged straight into a Marshall.

I have an SD 59 and I LOVE it.  Sounds like you're into a little heavier stuff than I am, so you might want something hotter.  But it will sound fantastic with the Marshall.
Bagram ?!?!  Nice......

I've got a 59 in the neck of an old Epi LP (Duncan JB in the bridge).  It's a nice dynamic pickup, which reacts quite well to picking dynamics. It's little bit vintage sounding. I like it.

Whereabouts in the UK do you visit when you come over?  Just being nosey.....
And you're quite right on two counts....There's nothing like a good pint in the local, and 'nowt better than a good Les Paul into a Marshall.  And when you combine the two, thats when the magic happens.
Whenever we come to the UK for a visit, we stay with my Mother in Law's in Bury St Edmunds, but we always spend a couple days in Briton with my wife aunt and uncle.

I really miss those pub gig days.  My band played alot in the local Bury area with a couple trips to London and Edinburgh (back in 89/90).  That's when I got my Marshall, actually toured the Marshall plant where it was made, which was cool.  Actually got to bump into some of the folks (Julian from Roxsoft plus a couple others) we used to play with this past summer.  I was surprised to see that they were still gigging in the area.
Been taking a look at the Bare Knuckle site and I must say I like what I see there.  For those of you familiar with these pickups, which ones would you suggest?  I am looking for a heavy sound with plenty of Bass and Mid.  The music I play is along the Ozzy, Sabbath, Metallica line with a lot of Nugent, Kiss, etc... thrown in. 

Basically I al looking for something that can be a brutal as my EMG equipped LP, but can also give a nice clean full sound.

I'm thinking the PainKiller calibrated open set (reverse Zebra) may be what I am looking for, what do you think?