First Warmoth Build - SG!!!


Finally ordered a custom neck for my first Warmoth build yesterday! Well okay, the body will be done by a friend of mine - so it's a half Warmoth build. First question -does anyone have a diagram or anything on the angled neck pocket?

The neck is an LP, conversion angled 24 3/4", 22 frets. The body is currently a big slab of Walnut, which hopefully will one day look like an SG. That said, I plan to go with one of the TOM bridges that Warmoth offers. From what I have read, it sounds like I need a neck pocket with an angle of 3 degrees. I just want to ensure we route the pocket right the first time.

Build Specs:
Neck: Wenge, Macassar Ebony Fretboard, 1 11/16" Nut Width, Standard thin, 6130, Sperzel (25/64") Tuner Ream, 22 frets, Straight 12" Radius, No Inlay,Side Dots Only Inlay, GraphTech Black TUSQ XL

Body: as I said - it is a piece of Walnut that has yet to have any routing done. My goal is to get it close to an SG - so the control cavity, pots, toggle etc will be in the standard places. No pickguard. Possible route for battery box 
Note: if anyone has diagrams etc on body routes for an SG info would be greatly appreciated

Pickups: EMG 81 Bridge, EMG 60 or 60A Neck (2 vol, 2 tone pots) EMGs will be wood mounted. No more plastic mounts with springs.

Hardware: Gotoh or TonePros Tune-o-matic bridge, Sperzel Trim-Lok Tuners, Walnut top hat knobs from ALLPARTS, Dunlop straplocks for sure. All HW will be black.

After a year of planning and discussing with my friend (who will be doing the body) I can't wait to start working on this. I'm planning to order the rest of the parts before the neck shows up. I'll be sure to post pics once work begins. I've been doing lots of searching / lurking on this forum the past few days, thanks to all for the valuable information.

I think 3 degrees is right, but if it were me, I'd have your friend route the body for a recessed TOM bridge with string-thru-body instead of the tailpiece. The bridge routing would be slightly more difficult, but it would eliminate the need to angle the neck pocket, which should more than make up for it. It also eliminates the need for angled pickup rings. The whole thing would end up looking a little more clean and custom. Either way, good luck with the build!
Im glad that there seems to be alot of people with SG interest rolling in here lately :icon_thumright:

Im not sure about the neck pocket though, I would probally do the recess too.
bob7point7 said:
if it were me, I'd have your friend route the body for a recessed TOM bridge with string-thru-body instead of the tailpiece.

You know that's a really good idea. I love the standard TOMs with a tailpiece but a recessed + string-thru would be really cool as well. Another decision to think about.

rapfohl09, I've got two LPs but I need an SG before my guitar rack will be complete  :icon_biggrin: 
Sounds like a nice build
I had a SG back in the day and can not say anything bad about the axe. They really play nice and have tone qualities to be admired.
Good luck on the build
Neck showed up today!

Thread + pics:

The majority of the work for this build will hopefully start in January (cause my friend is slow  :icon_biggrin:).
My friend routed the neck pocket on friday since we both had the day off, after lots of running around and cutting a test pocket first. He had already made a jig for the angled pocket, but we had to get a router bit etc. The test was perfect, so he went for it on the body. It worked well and is a very tight fit. In the second picture he's holding the guitar up by the neck with no bolts or glue - and that body is still quite heavy. As you can tell, we still have a lot left to do on the body - guess i need to order those parts!

Also note the table the guitar is sitting on - he made that as well.  :icon_thumright:



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Thanks. I was feeling bank account destructive last night and ordered the rest of the parts for the build. Now it is a matter of a few brown trucks and coordinated schedules  :toothy10:
dNA said:
dude, that's going to be one badass guitar  :headbang:

I think so  :icon_biggrin: After my friend routed the neck pocket and we tested the fit it was the first time the build looked like a guitar. He prefers acoustic but said "man...I want this thing now!!!"  :toothy12:
Schedules lined up this weekend so my friend and I continued work on the build. Most of the routing and drilling is done except the channel for the pickup wires. Routed the control cavity as well as one for a battery box in the back. Due to a planning error on my part the body is not quite as long as a normal SG - guess it is now a  "short tail sg" or something. When i first noticed this i was quite worried about it but after more work and getting the pickup routes in it didn't seem as bad. Getting excited as the build could be done within two weeks and i could be playing this thing.


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the build is DONE!  :icon_biggrin:

the SG turned out very awesome. the Warmoth neck plays like a dream. chords, bends, it just really wails.

i still can't believe it's done - and it was quite an experience working with my friend to make this happen. watching a guitar come together is a lot cooler than strolling into a store and buying one.

attached the best pics i've got.

better than that below is a link to the video WITH AUDIO from the new SG (audio is toward the middle / end of the video)

thanks again to everyone here for the info, suggestions etc.  :icon_thumright:


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Wow this looks great! I love SGs. And I'm with Nando, that fretboard is the nicest ive ever seen! Great job :icon_thumright:
That's an awesome SG man! My next build is probably going to be an SG too :eek:ccasion14:.