First time staining/dyeing and lacquer clearing dude here

First-timer here on the dyeing and finishing front, but have assembled many guitars and done electronics for a long time.
Carved top Tele body just arrived and I want to give it a similar hue and finish to it as actually on Warmoth's site for one of their finish options - Copperhead. The examples they show won't really be realistically achievable since I did not opt for a huge upgrade in quilt for the top, but what I have is just fine. This won't be a trophy guitar; I'm going to play it on real gigs, in the studio and rehearsals with my big band. It will be a working instrument, but a handsome one.

Anyway, I've already read TONS about dyes & stains, the plusses and minuses, but I figured I'd put my final choice before ordering the materials it to those with more experience in staining and finishing. I think I'm going with Keda powder dye and using water (and not alcohol), since it's more forgiving, doesn't dry as quickly (I'm in Phoenix, so the heat here dries stuff IMMEDIATELY) and doesn't stink. Will follow that with several coats of lacquer from Mohawk.

Sound like a good combo? Photos of the finish and my bare sanded body.


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Once you get some color and clear on there it is going to pop. Plenty enough figuring me thinks.
Sorry for the long gap here, but life happens. Elderly parents diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer's right after I posted this meant that my life and every little project in it was put on hold for a while. Anyway, guitar is finished now and here's a few shots. I'm still playing around with cap values, hence the open back.


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