First Post, Third Build. The Telebastard Baritone.



This is my first post. Got this hybrid body a few months back and slapped a Fender Subsonic Baritone neck on it. Almost got it finished, just dialing in the nut and the setup, but I could not be happier. The Warmoth Hybrid Tele body is awesome!

I did 2 coats of ebony filler by Goodfilla, dyed with Keda brown dye, followed by a mix of brown with black leather polish from Tandy for the back and edges.

Topped with 5 coats of Solarex "I can't believe it's not lacquer" that I rough sanded in between and finished off with a seven step sanding up to 3k grit. Then polished it with Colgate toothpaste lol!

That is how I got a satin-like / matte finish with a gloss lacquer.

Here are the parts/stats:
Body: Warmoth 2 piece Swamp Ash Hybrid Tele body
PUPS: 920D custom wired pups with 1 SD Hot-rail (bridge) and 2 cool rails, 5 way switch, no splits or phasing
Fender Bridge
Fender Locking Tuners
Warmoth Oversized Strap Buttons (the best!) and Warmoth jack.
D'Addario EXL158 13-62's

I find that the pickups are great with the baritone. They are not muddy in the low end and aver very versatile.

Having a little trouble getting the neck to settle on an action that I like. Feels like it was better before I started adjusting the truss.

Look forward to spending hours and hours going through all the great posts on this website!



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Welcome to the forum.

Perhaps let the neck settle in a little under string tension for a couple of weeks before making final adjustments and set up. The truss should be used to set the neck relief and the rest of the setup being at the nut and bridge.
It's nice seeing builds with those hybrid bodies...I've been considering doing the Strat body/Tele guts version. 
Nice work on the finish - looks like it came out pretty well!