First neck from Warmoth! Indian Rosewood/handpicked Pau Ferro


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Introducing my first parts-guitar, Drifter!

This is my first single pickup guitar too. Was scrolling through Reverb's b-stock guitar listings in late 2020 for maybe an LPj-style to mod, and discovered a pre-production prototype for a guitar called a 'Breed Thirty' from Konoykheen guitars.. I loved it mainly for the body shape and that it's a single-pup fiddle, and I immediately wanted it for a mod platform instead of a LPj.

Nearly in its final form now, the only original parts on it are the cover for the control cavity, the neck plate, rear string-ferrules, pickguard, jack-plate, and the body/binding/paint. I also took the serial-number sticker off the original neck and glued it to the inside of the control cavity cover.

-Kononykheen Breed Thirty [no longer in production]

List of mods:
-Mix of gold and black hardware
-Indian Rosewood neck from Warmoth, handpicked Pau Ferro fretboard
-25.5" / 21 ss frets / 12" straight radius / MoP side dots / black corian sharkfin inlays / 59 roundback neck shape
-Hipshot staggered tuners - still needed a 7mm string tree for the tiniest bit of extra downward pressure to keep the low E from bouncing out of the nut slot when rocking-out too hard
-Black-stained the topside of headstock [might sand it just a tiny bit] / smokey-stained the backside of the headstock / kept the neck bare
-Used the cut-out on the back of the neck to stain a blood-stripe on it for my recently-passed dog/best friend of 9 years
-SS zero-fret installation with nut; first zero-fret ever
-Locking roller-saddle TOM to match the smooth rounded metal breakpoint of the zero-fret
-Pure-tone 4-contact output jack
-Bourns 10a500k vol / 10a250k tone with orange cap
-Bareknuckles Pickups: 'Stockholm' humbucker-sized P90 bridge



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Very nice guitar indeed. Also the neck, you managed to get shark fin inlays without making the whole guitar look like a Jackson - which is an art in itself.


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alexreinhold said:
you managed to get shark fin inlays without making the whole guitar look like a Jackson - which is an art in itself.

You killed me when I read this lol I know exactly what you mean

Technically, I took inspiration from Rickenbacker on the inlays even though they aren't exactly sharkfins [always admired their 4003 bass]. Then I wondered why you never see black sharkfins, and also why black inlays are only ever used for maple/extremely light-colored boards.. always bothered me, so I sought out a board that isn't really light or dark so the black inlays will still be highly visible without needing direct lighting to see em.

Warmoth is responsible for making it happen for me =]


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The Aaron said:
ragamuffin said:
Love the body shape!

Yep. Sort of Jazzmaster-ish, but smaller and cooler.

This is what caught my attention right away! I was trying to figure out what to build as my first parts guitar and sometimes I'd be building a single pup Jazzcaster sorta thing on WM's site, other times I was looking for LPj bodies that could use a Fender-neck but kept coming up empty.

The body shape for this is Kononykheen's original, and they know it's a good one because they keep reusing it for different models they release. It is easily my favorite offset solid-body shape of all time.

A close-second for me as a perfect offset is Novo's Solus single-cut body shape.


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Great looking setup.

Curious about the nut though.  It looks like there is a fret right against the nut, and the nut is very thin.  Can you provide some info on that?


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I'm just now seeing this axe, and I must say, it's a beauty job you've done on the refit. The high-contrast black streaks in that neck shaft are gorgeous, and the red truss-rod fillet is a nice touch. Thanks for sharing.